Hi! I'm Joanie.

My country count is up to 41 countries. I like to make people laugh. I also can write like there is no tomorrow.

I'm a writer and media planning and relations professional, with a vast list of experiences all over the world in a number of different fields.  I've got a lot of dreams, and a lot of projects I'm passionate about. I one day hope to rule the late night television scene as the first female host of The Tonight Show. I've been trying my hand at screenwriting and creative development for the screen since 2011, and I believe that the best way to make sure I learn something is to get out there and teach myself. 

I was born and raised in New York, explored the great Pacific Northwest when I was pursuing my education at the University of Oregon, where I graduated in 2016. I set a goal to live on every continent by the time I turn 30... I'm  now 24 and have nearly accomplished this, but am still yet to live in Asia (forget about Antarctica)!


Also, I plan on being on the 50th anniversary special of Saturday Night Live... but more on that later.